Even if you’re right, please be wrong once in a while

I was chatting with my sweetie the other day and he told me that he had been given some advice from a friend who recently lost his wife to cancer.  He said his friend told him, “Even if you’re right, be wrong.  It’s not worth the stress of an argument because what she’s going through is harder and tougher than what you’re experiencing.”

This was interesting to me so I’ve thought about this for the past few days and I think it’s good advice.  If truth be told, I have given in many-a-time in my lifetime for the sake of avoiding an argument.  I am halfway through my chemo treatment schedule and it is getting harder for me to “bounce back” from the fatigue with each treatment.  Although I’m tired, my ability to get adequate sleep is also affected.  Therefore, between the fatigue from the poison in my body coupled with a lack of sleep at times does not help me to be the most rational thinker at times. Let’s also not forget the “chemo brain” which also affects me at times.  I have about 1/3 the hair I used to have on my head and I look like a light bulb, I have a bloated face after chemo treatments, and I cannot taste food anymore (everything tastes like paste – not the Elmer’s kind – just the flour-and-water kind of paste). All of these affect me in some-way-shape-or-form.  On top of that is my natural personality to think that I’m usually right most of the time (this is said tongue-in-cheek so no backlash, please). I can see how this would be frustrating for my sweetie when I’m making what I think is a very valid point because in my chemo-fogged sleep-deprived brain, I have it all figured out.  However, being able to articulate it is not always a successful venture.

Although I’d rather be able to have someone come around to my way of thinking due to my incredibly persuasive abilities to communicate, I am o.k. with someone giving in once in a while right now.  I know it’s not right but it makes me feel good to be able to convince someone to come around to my way of thinking no matter how he/she got there.

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